Visit to the Industrial Engineer School

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Yesterday we went to the  university where we learnt  a lot of things about engineeries.
We were with some scientist who taught us some things about their jobs. At first Silvia  and Gerardo  showed us how to obtain new sustances by organic material. It was amazing because now, we know different processes such as gasification combustion or pirolisis, and in all of them, depending on the amount of oxigen, hydrogen… You will obten one or another sustance. 
Then a teacher explained us how the electricittravels in order to arrive all the houses due to generators. After that, another teacher taught us how to generate electricity energy by ridding a bike.
Then a girl showed us all the different materials they are working with and how they can modificate them.
We liked this.I think Energy producing Bicycle was the best.
Our view, it was very interesting and we learnt a lot. The thing we liked the best has been the way to obten energy by using a bicycle.
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