Our visit to the laboratory

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At first we gave an overview to the laboratory, which was very interesting because it  full of dissacated animals Then, We saw a project that has already finished and It consisted to planting a group of different plants, such as tomatos, lentils or beans. 
 The lentil was grown up we could see a little lentil on it 
 Secondly Marta and Juanca explained what the project consists about .
 We have planted 144 peppers divided in 12 groups of 12 plants and when they were grown up,  Six groups (in total 72 plants) that were irrigated with water and the others with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) When they were watered 
The follicle of some of them was cut.
The aim of the project was to see how the plants irrigated with water and acid scared in different ways.
Once the project has started it is very important to mesure the leafs and the stem of all of them, and this was what the workshop consisted of. 
We spent  the evening mesuring the plants, and also we watered them with 250 ml of water.
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