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Last Friday, 13th of April, when we were in Rize because of Erasmus + project “Looking for an unifying theory of new methodologies” in where Adil Tugyan taught us some of a lot of educative apps like Mymunka, you can search the name of people and look for all the educative links that are related with them, it is really useful when you have to investigate in order to do a work even to look for all the articles that they have published; Bookmaking, that is used to create your own online library, where you can save all your notes in a link in order to have them in a safe place.

For group working we highlight PrimaryPad that helps us when we want to make a brainstorming, all the students can send their ideas at the same time.

In the communication area, internet is very useful because it has a lot of apps to send images or videos for example mailIVU or vialogue; and we discovered etwinning too, that is a kind of blog that  belongs to the educative area and it is shared by teachers and students so as to use a forum, upload projects, photos, videos…

We think they are really practical and we will use them in a future because of their efficiency and quickness.

Teresa Calatayud and Miguel Viñao.

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